The way it should be

Some things should just be a certain way- and we all know it.

We know there’s the right way to make pavlova- just the good old fashioned way in the oven. If you intend to cook a microwaveable pavlova, then you’re making the wrong type of pan!? That’s just the way it’s meant to be. Can you even buy a microwaveable pav? You shouldn’t be able to.

it’s the same with Squeaky Gate. We believe there’s a right way of doing things, and we’ll steadfastly-stand our ground. Whether it’s treating our farmers right or making the perfect rocket salad, there’s just the way it should be.

our campaign uses homegrown humour to celebrate real food and the people behind the squeaky gates.

Meet Kerryn Fogarty!

We welcome Kerryn to the Squeaky Gate team, a ‘has been’ cooking show celeb’ making a comeback in our new ‘cooking show’ title ‘The Way It Should Be’ (a.k.a. our ads).

Kerry is bold cheeky and doesn’t hold back, she has options on the way things should be, and just like us, is passionate about the way Extra Virgin Olive Oil should be.

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