Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Mild One

Everybody has reliable ‘go-to’ ingredients that add a certain something. They’re the unsung heroes of your pantry. It’s a subtle blend, with a delicate fruity aroma, a touch of pepper and a smooth creamy finish.

It’s crisp and delicate to lift fine flavours without overwhelming them. Perfect with seafood, summer salads and baking. Happily submits to dipping.

Available in 375ml & 750ml bottle

The All Rounder

The secret to being an all-rounder is having enough character to make an impression without coming on too strong. A medium intensity blend, this fruity classic is perfect for pastas, white meat and salads.

Its fresh, cut green grass scent has a hint of tomatoes and a moderate peppery finish. Start a sauce or finish a dish with this easy-going favourite.

Available in 375ml bottle, 750ml bottle and 3L Tin

The Strong One

There’s one in every crowd, a personality that steps up and leads the way to good times. A robust, intense blend with a medium grassy aroma, this Squeaky Gate’s the life and soul of hearty cooking.

Big & bold; stands up to the full-on flavours, putting its elbows and a touch of pepper and bite on the table.

Available in 375ml & 750ml bottle

Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our much loved Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil paired with Aussie Garlic and Chilli Oils.

“I boast a great roast and can be a bit dippy. Splash me to start or drizzle me to finish, I am your go to partner to add delicious aroma you can taste.”

“I dress to kill, can be a little saucy and have been known to spice things up. Start with a splash, finish with a drizzle or use me to add a kick to anything in between.”

Available in 375ml Garlic or Chilli

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